Asia Tour 2023

Start is in Hong Kong. The first edition oft the Harbour Side Marathon will be held on Januar 04, 2023. Than we chance to Macau. In this moment it is only possible with a long quarantine, but we are waiting for new restrictions or opening Macau. If it is possible we will held the first Parque Colina Marathon on Januar 05, 2023. Both are flat course with multi Laps. Than are the next marathon in Cebu (Phillipines) on Januar 08.01.2023. Our last Marathon is in Taipei (10.01.2023) and maybe the last Marathon in Taiwan ever for this decade. There are a lot of hotels in the different areas. The next update on the webside are in 3 weeks. For direct information WhatsApp Asia tour.

Registrations: Until Friday, December 23th 2022 for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Limit each race: 25 runners.


Phone: Germany +49 151 64419262

WhatsApp: Asia Tour

Registrations Fee: Each Marathon (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) international runners: 20 €.

Cebu Marathon: 

Race Office:
Coming in the next 3 weeks.

Distribution oft BIB – numbers:
Coming in the next 3 weeks.

Hong Kong:
Wednesday 04.01.2013, 6:00 am.

Thursday 05.01.2023, 6:00 am.


Tuesday 10.01.2023, 6:00 am.

Cut off time 8:30 after start.

Every finisher of the Marathon will get a medal and a finisher certificate.

In this moment are COVID restriction:

Hong Kong:
Need status COVID vaccination and Antigen Test, PCR-Test day 2/4/6.

PCR Test and 7 days quarantine.

3 time vaccination COVID or PCR Test.

Self Antigen tests in the first 4 days.



Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2022

43,000 km / +835 Hm

Stefan Hantscher                            05:14:12

Björn Siebenlist                               05:14:12

Andrea Abendroth                          05:35:28

Tina Kühne-Leffler                          07:00:27

Mirko Leffler                                     07:00:27

30,680 km / +666 Hm

Lars Bebensee                                  03:38:03

27,890 km / +576 Hm

Carsten Weser                                  02:32:45

25,000 km / +569 Hm

Enrico Roever                                   02:53:44