1. Kosovo Friendship Marathon

The 1st Kosovo Friendship Matarathon is intended to serve as a small, self-organized, low-key event if the 1st Prishtina Marathon announced for September 25th, 2022 should NOT take place.

Time and date: 9:00 AM 25th September 2022

Location: 38000 Pristina, Kosovo

Locations detail: Details will be announced two weeks in advance.

Distance: Marathon (26.2 miles / 42,195 km).

Description: The marathon consists of several laps and the cutoff time will be 7 hours.

Fee: 20 Euro

If you wish to get more information or register (see below):
Name, country, gender, age, Club, e-mail and WhatsApp-number.

Rules for the race: See below.

Director of the race: Mirko Leffler, Germany.

1. This marathon is not a club event.
2. The low-key-marathon requires a minimum of 5 and is limited to 15 participants.
3. The cutoff time will be 7 hours plus tolerance.
4. You must carry a GPS or cell phone to document your time and distance.
5. Before the start of the race, the race director will control that your GPS or cell phone is “0” (zero) before the start.
6. We will run multiple laps with a check point after each lap.
7. After you complete 26.2 miles/ 42,195 km. at the finish you must prove time.
8. We have no permit, insurance, traffic control, or security.
9. Refreshment is only water and Cola with some bananas.
10. Everyone must bring their own drinking mug with your number or name.
11. Carry some money in case you need to stop and buy some food or water.
12. We will have a meeting at 6:00 pm (18:00) Saturday 24th September in the lobby (Hotel Kika, Andrea Gropa St. Mother Teresa Square, Pristina, 38000, Kosovo).
13. If you expect to run a fast marathon we suggest you do not enter this event.
14. Places and times will be posted at the result list.
15. The registration is personally and cannot be given to other and be don´t pay the entry fee back.
16. Volunteers to help with the marathon will be appreciated.

The entry fee includes following: Marathon run, refreshment, unique medal, certificate, result list
Registration close: 14th September 2022 or when sold out.
For more information about the marathon and registration please write to:
Mirko Leffler, e-mail: mirko.leffler@t-online.de, WhatsApp: +49 1520 1901334

We only organize the marathon run, so you have to book your own travel, accommodation, rented car, VISA and so on. Please take care for the Covid-19 situation, and we are not responsible for sudden restrictions by the authorities.